Keep your eyes on the stars,
and your feet on the ground
Theodore Roosvelt

Project Management

Business projects management and organization. Outsourcing services following the princip ,,pay for the effect only." 

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Client acquisition

Support in opening new sales channels and launch of new products. Export markets development solutions. 

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About us

Gil PM is the junction of two roads. One is yours, based on the dreams and life goals, the second is ours, dedicated to help you achieve them.

We do know, that supplying a service is not the aim in itself at all. That’s why, only upon the recognition of our Client’s needs, we decide about the further cooperation. The way enables us to be sure, that the Client will be treated with proper commitment and respect. Based on mutual partnership and trust, the work done with all the heart is our objective.

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Partner acquisition

Services searching and organisation according to the Customer requirements for price and quality.

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Dedicated services

Dedicated services for the special needs. Support for ambitious business plans realisation.

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Our Partners



Gil Project Management
Katowice, Silesia

tel.: +48 510 179 220