About us

In our activity we always focus on the following principles:

  • Prudence; We do respect the Partner’s money. We realize as well, that every penny invested into cooperation is put over here to give the calculable effect. Because of that, we always prepare the budget suitable for the needs and capabilities for the Client
  • Our skills, experience and professional knowledge is valuable as far as they are useful for our Client
  • Time, the most shortage matter nowadays. Out Partners always have the reliability, that the deadline is the absolute.

On these mainstays, we base our two primary fields of activity:

Expansion – we help our Partners to get stronger. We care about the goal, which is to rely on our services by more and more Clients. The Clients, who are active on the new markets of Europe and the entire World. We broaden the scope of our Clients services. Parallely, we help Them to find the proper subcontractors and suppliers to increase the quality and competitiveness of their activity.

Stabilization – every company aside from the evolution, needs to have “its back covered”. Securitization of the continuity and taking care about more competitive business are the specific features we pay great attention to.

Using our advantages will give you the flexibility and comfort to enable the limitation of the expenses. The expenses, which are to be invested for your company’s development.

Gil PM is the junction of two roads. One is yours, based on the dreams and life goals, the second is ours, dedicated to help you achieve them.